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    1. Ever wondered why everyone's talking about AWS costs? 🤔 Here's a deep dive into the real expenses and how to smartly navigate them. This thread unpacks it all. 👇
    1. The Misconception of Direct AWS Use: Many believe using AWS directly is cheaper for small projects or side gigs. However, this overlooks the hidden costs and benefits of alternative services that are designed to be more cost-effective in the long run.
    1. The Power of the Free Tier: Surprisingly, many services offer generous free tiers that can significantly reduce costs. For instance, some platforms provide enough free resources that many projects never exceed this limit, making them virtually free for initial stages.
    1. The True Cost of Your Time: It's easy to underestimate the value of an engineer's time. Setting up and maintaining infrastructure can consume hundreds of hours. When you factor in the cost of this time, alternatives that offer quicker setups and less maintenance can actually save money.
    1. Job Security vs. Efficiency: While having a complex setup might seem like job security, it can be a double-edged sword. Simplifying your infrastructure with more efficient tools can free up time for innovation, rather than maintenance, benefiting both the company and your career.
    1. When to Consider Self-Hosting: There's a point where it makes sense to consider self-hosting for cost minimization. However, for most, the constant evolution of code and the high cost of change make managed services a more economical choice.
    1. The Real Savings: Beyond just the time saved, using recommended services can lead to actual monetary savings. These platforms are designed to scale cost-effectively, passing on savings to you while also offering features that can drive business growth.
    1. Conclusion: The allure of AWS and self-hosting can be strong, but when you break down the costs, both in terms of time and money, alternative services often offer a more efficient path. It's crucial to evaluate the true cost of your infrastructure choices, considering both immediate and long-term impacts.
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